To manage the spread of the Covid19 Virus, we are doing the following:

Private Fields.

All bookings will be run on a private field basis meaning that their will only be one group on each of our three fields. Private Field fees will be waived until further notice.

One user One set of equipment.

Players will not be allowed to swop equipment sets between players.

Practise basic Hygiene.

Disinfectant sprays are freely available and all players will be briefed and monitored by our staff to constantly use them throughout the event.

Our field is located at Imhoff Farm which is close by to Kommetjie. It is a bush paintball field with an area of pine forest for long range shooting, an area of thick bush for the sneaky shooters and an open grassland area with minimal bush for the leopard crawlers - a really awesome tactical field with something for everyone!

Children's Parties
Please note that the minimum age to play Paintball is 11 years old or turning 11 in the current year and all players or parents of minors will need to sign an indemnity form. Unfortunately, if we do not have a signed indemnity form for a minor, s/he will not be allowed to play.

A table will be available for your party and you are welcome to bring your own party catering. Please bring along a table cloth and some fold out chairs for the adults who may choose to wait at the field. The Imhoff Farm stall and restaurants are close by for parents to go and have a quiet tea or coffee whilst waiting. It can get chilly under the trees when the wind blows so bring windbreakers if you are going to be waiting in the picnic area.

What To Wear
Preferably older clothes. Long hardy trousers. a T-Shirt over which an old loose track top should be worn. The paintballs are bio-degradable and will wash out of clothing. NB Closed comfortable shoes (no slip-on shoes, high heels or crocs).

Times: Two sessions daily (Monday to Sunday)

Morning: Arrive 09h15 to start at 09h30 ending at 13h00 if playing with 300 paintballs. Many party groups go with the 200 paintball option and end around 12h00.

Afternoon: Arrive 13h15 to start at 13h30 ending at 17h00 if playing with 300 paintballs. Many party groups go with the 200 paintball option and end around 16h00

After the safety and game briefing is given, an average of between 4 to 6 separate games with breaks in- between will be played. The number of games played depends on how quickly players complete each game format, how many additional paintballs they purchase and how much time players take for breaks between games.

Rates and Payment:

Initial payment via EFT/bank deposit/Snapscan. All extra amounts due must be settled for on the day via Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA); SnapScan or cash.

Additional paintballs are available at R35-00 per bag of 100 paintballs and on average, a player uses between 100 to 200 additional paintballs per half-day session. Some parents pre-pay R 205.00 for a total of 200 paintballs (IE R170.00 + R 35.00) and as the players run short on the day, purchase a couple of extra bags to share amongst the players. Ideally you should cater for at least 300 paintballs per player to play for the whole session. It's difficult to know how each person will play, but if the players know their limit and use their paintballs carefully, they should be able to make 200 paintballs last up till 12h00 for the morning session or till 16h00 for the afternoon session. This is just a guideline as we have had some "Rambo" players use up all 100 paintballs in the first 30 seconds.

Please note that players are not allowed to bring their own paintballs onto the field.

During Non-COVID times – PRIVATE Field Option
The minimum number of players needed to establish a booking on weekends is 10 players.

To secure a private booking for your group only, a minimum number of 30 players is required OR should we have space available, an additional R350.00 extra staffing fee can be paid for your group of minimum 10 players. This must be pre-arranged with the person taking your booking and pre-paid along with your player fee payments.

Cancellation of a private field. At any time should circumstances affect APG’s ability to service multiple parties simultaneously APG reserves the right to cancel a groups private field status and combine multiple groups on a single field. Any private field fees paid will be refunded from the APG office via EFT only. No cash or in kind refund payments will be made at the field.

All other non-private attending groups within the same age grouping will be split equally across the two teams. The more players on the field, the more enjoyable the game. Ages 11 to 14 play together and ages 15 and up play with the adult groups.

To confirm a booking
The full player fee of R170.00 per player x the number of players booked (Minimum 10) needs to be deposited into our bank account 10 days before the due date. Any bookings made within the 10 day period before the due date must immediately be confirmed with payment for the number of players booked.

Banking Details:
Branch – Hout Bay
Name - Action Pursuit Group
Account no – 623 809 21299
Branch code – 204009
Use your Initial and Surname as a reference along with the date of your booking - eg R Smith 16 Dec 20 and send confirmation of the deposit to

Payments on the day
All extra amounts due for items purchased at the field must be settled for on the day via Credit Card (Mastercard or VISA), SnapScan or cash.

Weather / cancellation or postponement
Always a tricky decision to make since it can be raining at 08h00 and sunny by the time the games are due to begin. Simply put, if there is no communication between yourself or the field manager on the day, then the game / booking will proceed as planned. However, if it is raining heavily, the field manager will consult with you (the group organizer) as to whether you wish to proceed or reschedule. This call will take place at least an hour before the scheduled start time. In the event that we have to cancel due to weather and safety considerations, you have the option to be refunded or re-schedule the booking. Should you choose to proceed and it later becomes unplayable, the refund is then forfeited.

Group organisers please advise your friends and guests re the following:

Drivers. Do not exceed the 10 kph limit when driving into and on the Imhoff farm property. Children and animals are at risk.

Do not bring pets to the venue. Imhoff Farm is a working farm and no pets are allowed.

Vehicle access and parking
All players and visitors vehicles must park in the area between the back wall of the horse stables, the goat paddocks and up to but not beyond the yellow no entry wheel clamp sign. Anyone parking beyond the sign may be wheel clamped or have their vehicle towed.

Only the party or group organisers vehicle may be driven through to the paintball field.

Refunds for "no shows"
If you book for example for 10 players and only 8 arrive at the field, the range fee portion R135.00 of the deposit for the players not arriving is non-refundable and the paintballs purchased will be issued to you on the day. No cash refunds will be made at the field.

Braai Options
Unfortunately no open fires are allowed but you are welcome to bring a gas skottel for boerie rolls or picnic and relax after your games under the pine trees or take advantage of the tea garden and restaurant situated in the Imhoff Farm buildings.

NO ALCHOL may be consumed by players during the scheduled game time. Any person found to be under the influence or disruptive to other players will not be allowed to play and may be asked to leave the venue. Ejected individuals or groups amount to a last minute cancellation and no refunds will be given. Any alcohol brought to site to complement an after game braai or picnic must be consumed where your group is eating and not anywhere else on the farm property and should be limited to what is socially acceptable when families with children congregate. Be considerate and drink responsibly.

At Own Risk
Whilst APG staff are on site to manage the activities it is by the nature of the game, being a self-managed honour based game, and the terrain it is played on, impossible for the staff to be in sight of or close to all players at all times.
Paintball is an outdoor adventure game played on properties consisting of broken terrain wherein sharp objects, natural or man-made may be encountered and players may occasionally be exposed to wildlife for example but not limited to baboons, bees, wasps, scorpions and snakes.
Paintball is a non-contact sport but as with many sports, disagreements may arise between players and or by standers which may lead to physical contact.

By booking with Action Pursuit Group (APG) you:

Own marker (OM) players:



Player indemnity form

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